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6 Top Tips for Buying a Used Car in Brisbane

Before you purchase a used car in Brisbane, consider the following tips from Top Cash 4 Cars:


  1. The Car’s Overall Condition

The condition of the car should be at the top of your criteria list. Your first step when considering a car is to assess its condition. If you do not have any mechanical knowledge, then ask a friend or a mechanic to go along with you for an accurate assessment of the car. You will also want to assess the paint’s condition. For this, look for rust spots, and assess all dents and scratches.


  1. Car’s Boot Condition

Check the boot of the car for rust and cracks which will help you determine the car’s condition.


  1. Checking the Condition of the Tyres

Tyres are the only contact the car has with the road, and the condition of the tyres should be good as tyre replacements are not cheap.


  1. Check for Frame Damage

Frame damaged cars are trouble as they lack durability. Look to see if the saddle is welded or bolted.


  1. Hood checking

Check the hood for rust, damage and dents.


  1. Hoses & belts

Cracks in hoses and belts can mean simple replacements; however, the radiator hoses should not be in soft condition, otherwise, you’ll have to change them at your own expense.


Other Tips to Consider

A thorough inspection of the engine should be performed. Leaks and corrosion can mean the difference between a good buy and one that is costly. A good mechanic should also be able to pinpoint any issues. The oil filler cap should also be removed to check for leaking head gaskets. Check timing belts, check the car’s odometer reading, the computer onboard, and its condition of brakes and lights.


What to Do with Your Used Car in Brisbane?

Getting rid of your used car can be almost as complicated as buying a new car. Top Cash 4 Cars is a local car removal company that offers a quick & convenient way to Sell your Car for Cash. We offer Brisbane car owners the opportunity to sell their used cars for up to $9,999 cash to us:


• Contact us at 0412 330 221 with the make, model, year, and condition of your car for a cash quote.
• Accept or reject our cash quote.
• Schedule a free car removal anywhere in Brisbane at a time convenient for you. We will arrive fully prepared to buy and remove your car, putting up to $9,999 cash in your hand.


At Top Cash 4 Cars, we buy all makes & conditions of cars, trucks, SUVs, 4x4s, buses, and motorcycles. For more information, call 0412 330 221.