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Who Does The Best Auto Recycling and Dismantling Process in Brisbane

Auto Recycling and the Dismantling process is a part of Cash for Cars. If you are in Brisbane and you wish to dispose of your old or damaged vehicle. You can get in touch with any Cash for Car Company in Brisbane.


Top Cash for Cars does the best Auto Recycling and Dismantling process


We are Top Cash For Cars– One of the leading Cash for Cars companies in Brisbane. We are also the best Auto Recycling and Dismantling team in Brisbane. If you wish to sell your old vehicle all you have to do is to contact us.

We buy all vehicles. Your vehicle can be a car or a van or a bus or a truck, we will buy that at the best price.

We buy vehicles and take the vehicle apart piece by piece. We then sell the good parts to customers and 2nd hand dealers. Damaged or old parts are repaired by our professional team. After a bit of polish and paint, we then sell to dealers who sell used auto parts.

The parts which can’t be salvaged or parts which are beyond repair are recycled. We use only the best machinery and gadgets in the industry to recycle these vehicle parts.

We do it properly and professionally as not to create damage to nature or the environment.


How much is your vehicle worth



We pay up to $9999 for your vehicle. Yes, 9999 dollars for your old and damaged car. Your vehicle can be in any condition. It could be of any make, or of any model, we still buy it. It could be a vehicle which is not fit for the road or not in a drivable condition. It could be a vehicle which has been met with an accident or a vehicle which is damaged beyond repair. It can even be in a condition where it can only be scrapped or recycled.

But we still pay up to $9999 for it, that too in the shortest time ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours.


The benefits of selling your vehicle to Top Cash For Cars


Top Cosh for Car is always a customer-friendly organisation. We always try to excel by providing the best services to all our customers. But that is not the only service we provide to our customers.

Some of our services are

1. Service to All Suburbs of Brisbane

2. Fully Licensed

3. Provide All Paperwork

4. Provides Free, No Obligation Cash Offers

5. Fully Licenced

6. Practices Green Car Disposal Standards

7. Offers Fast, Friendly and Efficient Car Removal Services


Is Top Cash For Cars giving Free Car Removals

Yes, we at Top Cash For Cars provide Free Car Removals services to our customers in Brisbane.

 So call us now itself for the best deals for your vehicle.

We are Top Cash For Cars, The Cash for Car company who pays up to $9999 for your vehicles

To know more call us Today 0412 330 221