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Benefits And Significance Of Car Wrecking In Today’s World

The world is polluted as it is. Lots of unwanted and dangerous chemicals are dumped on earth on a daily basis. Factories and automobiles emit smoke and other fluids and chemicals which harm nature and our environment.

Many vehicles are dumped or wrecked and they create more and more landfills. Its high time nature and the environment is protected from more damage.

We can help.

We are Top Cash For Cars and we are the best Car Wreckers in Brisbane.

Our team of expert professionals are eco-conscious and will do Car Wrecking in the most Eco-Friendly way.

Save Nature and Earn in the Process


Car Wreckers

Get the best cash offers for your Old Unwanted Vehicle.
Whatever the condition your vehicle is in, we will buy it. From a good shiny two-wheeler to an old junk clunker that blocks your parking area, we buy it all. And based on the condition of the vehicle you can get up to $9999 for it.

We buy all types of vehicles regardless of their size, brand, shape, make, condition and colour. Even if your vehicle model is useless and broken down, with us you got a guaranteed vehicle buyer.

We buy these vehicles and take them apart, salvaging parts that can be used again. The rest of the vehicle will be wrecked in a professional way using the best technology, machines and gadgets.

We make sure no parts or fluids like engine oil and coolant drips to earth and create any damage.

When we recycle, reuse and resell parts of a vehicle we make sure the process is done in a professional Eco-Friendly way.

So be a part of many who are focused on saving nature and the environment. Do your part by selling your vehicle to us.

You no longer need to exhaust the tyres or drain the vehicle of its fluid. We have a crew of experienced experts who will do all that for you.

Our Services in Brisbane


We are not just a Cash for Car Company that buys vehicles and wrecks them. Our services extend to various fields like Free Car Removal to provide our customers with paperwork for the sale of the vehicles. Some of our services are


  1. Scrap Car Removal
  2. Cash for Smashed Cars
  3. 4X4 wreckers
  4. Free Car Removal
  5. Truck Wreckers
  6. Cash for flood-damaged cars
  7. Car Wreckers
  8. Unwanted Cars Removal
  9. Cash for Cars old cars
  10. Cash for forklifts
  11. Cash for bobcats
  12. Cash for old buses


All these services are open to you. Just call us at 0412 330 221 and get the best offers and services for our experts.


How to contact us


If you wish to avail of our services all you need to do is contact us. It could be a phone call or an email, we are always ready to assist.

You can call us at 0412 330 221 or email us at have al o provided an option to fill out the forms on the “Contact us Page”  We provide our services at all hours of the day and night.

Top Cash For Cars – The top professional who pays top cash.

Call us at 0412 330 221