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Can I Sell My Car Without A Roadworthy Certificate In Brisbane QLD?

When it comes to selling your car in Queensland, the rules and legalities surrounding the sale can get a bit confusing. We regularly get questions from sellers about whether a Roadworthy Certificate is needed to sell a car in Brisbane? Top Cash 4 Cars has put together this guide to help you understand what documents and papers you need to sell your car in Queensland.

It Is Illegal to Sell Your Car Privately Without a Roadworthy Certificate

If you’re looking to sell your car privately, you need to obtain a Safety certificate first. It is illegal to sell or advertise your car for sale without having a roadworthy certificate. If caught advertising your vehicle for sale without a Safety certificate, you will be fined $560 for the offence.

When Is a Safety Certificate Not Required?

However, there are certain exceptions to the rule. For instance, you don’t need a Safety certificate if you’re selling your car to a licensed auto wrecker or motor dealer. So, if you have a scrap, old or unwanted car that you’d like to sell to Top Cash 4 Cars Brisbane, you don’t need a Safety certificate to do so. This means you don’t have to worry about fixing your car, which can cost you hundreds/thousands of dollars and you also don’t have to worry about the fee to obtain the Safety certificate.

Can I Sell My Car Without Roadworthy Certificate

Can I Sell My Car Without Roadworthy Certificate


How Much Does a Safety Certificate Cost?


Inspection fees to get a handwritten or electronic Safety Certificate will cost:

  • $86.20 for cars
  • $43.15 for trailers (including caravans)
  • And $55.40 for motorcycles


How to Get a Safety Certificate for My Car in Brisbane?


Safety certificates in Queensland are issued by Approved Inspection Stations (AIS). An AIS will inspect your vehicle and give you a handwritten or electronic Safety certificate if the vehicle passes inspection.

The inspection will cover various components of the vehicle, such as:

  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Tyres
  • Body damage (including rust and other issues)
  • Windscreen
  • Lights



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Don’t want to go through the hassles of repairing your car to get it ready for a Safety Inspection? Even if you do fix up your vehicle, there’s no guaranty that it will pass inspection. There might be one or more components that don’t meet the AIS’s standards. This is why so many car owners opt to simply sell their cars for cash to Top Cash 4 Cars. As Licensed Car Wreckers in Brisbane, we can buy your vehicle as it is, saving you time, money, and effort. To get a quote for your car today, call us on 0412 330 221