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Find Out The Worth Of Your Unwanted Car In Brisbane

The first question that pops out in all our minds while selling our scrap car is how much the scrap car is worth. One of the ways to find out is by researching online or otherwise, for the same make, model and year and see what others are being offered. However, the best option is to get a quote from a car removal company such as Top Cash 4 Cars Brisbane as you may discover it yourself that it is more beneficial to sell your call to a car removal company than to a private buyer. Your car is definitely worth more as scrap and in such a way you can get top dollars.

How much can you get for your scrap car:

Scrap Metals

Regardless of the condition that your car is in, the metal can still be used. Car Removal companies buy scrap cars from car owners and then recycle the car. After the recyclable and reusable parts have been removed from the car, it is usually crushed to save space. The crushed wreck is then sold for melting purposes so that it can be reused. As it saves a lot of energy and resources to recycle metal, your car is still worth something even if there are no functioning parts. The metal can still fetch you instant cash.


Useful and Reusable Part

Your car might be useless to you and even to a private buyer but it’s worth a lot for a car removal company as they recognise it’s true value. No matter what condition your car is in, there will be parts that can be salvaged which the wrecking yard can sell to other customers at a discounted price. Your car might be damaged but the functioning parts can be used in other cars of comparably similar make and model.


Worth it for a Sustainable Environment

Letting your scrap car turn into landfill pollutants will only pollute the environment. Such harmful elements can deteriorate the land as well the air as it releases harmful and toxic gases. By not recycling your car in a proper way, you are working towards increasing the usage of non-renewable energy sources. Rather, selling it to an Unwanted Car Removal Company like Top Cash 4 Cars Brisbane, you will profit from the top dollars you earn all the while saving the environment.


The worth of your scrap car is mainly determined by the reusable parts and scrap metal. Contact us at 0412 330 221 for a quote, considering the make model and year and know what your car is worth.