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Get Fast Cash for Your Junk Car Sitting in Your Brisbane Yard

It doesn’t have to be spring cleaning time to clear your old junk car out of your yard. Top Cash 4 Cars offers a way to fast cash. You simply give us a call and we’ll buy your scrap car.


Why are we the Scrap Car Buyers in Brisbane? The reason is simple. We are a professional car buyer and wrecker that knows how to put the green in our customers’ pockets because we are the expert car recyclers. Our auto dismantlers have years of experience in dismantling vehicles of all makes and all conditions, ensuring that all the precious metals are pulled from under the hood and that the vehicle is stripped to recycle, reuse and recondition the interior components as well as the steel of the vehicle. It doesn’t take anything but a call to have your vehicle sold.


Being professional scrap car buyers and recyclers, we can make cash offers of up to $9999 on scrap vehicles of every condition; and, we don’t have to inspect the vehicle first. Our cash quotes are based on the factors of a vehicle that consist of things such as the make, model, age, condition, odometer reading, weight and size of the vehicle. The more weight, the more cash! The more precious metals, the more cash! The more high demand parts, the more cash! It is a system that is fair and accurate and one that our car appraisers use to make the best cash offers on vehicles that have no use.
Cash For Scrap Car


Brisbane scrap car buyers have the advantage of giving Top Cash 4 Cars a call to get an instant Cash for Scrap Cars offer. We’ll take up about ten minutes of your time, asking for the details of your vehicle, and then provide you with our cash offer on your scrap vehicle. If you are ready to get your vehicle sold, then you simply accept our offer and schedule a free car removal. The process is one that is that simple. Instant cash, a Car Removal in Brisbane and your yard back to yourself.


To get a cash quote today and schedule a free car removal in Brisbane, simply give Top Cash 4 Cars a call at the number below. We are your scrap car buyer and recycler that won’t insult you with a lowball offer.


Call us at 0412 330 221