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Abandoned Cars? How To Deal With Abandoned Vehicles On A Private Property Brisbane QLD

An automobile is often someone’s prized possession. It provides so many amenities, both logistically and spatially, for most people in business pursuits. However, if its motor overheats and the head gasket fritters, people tend to leave it right away in a place where it cracks down.

Recently stolen cars are DUMPED OR ABANDONED in front of the properties in QLD. If this is the case then it needs to be reported immediately to the QLD police.

If this incident happens on your property and someone leaves their car, read on to find out what you need to do.

Abandoned Cars Brisbane QLD

Abandoned Cars Brisbane QLD

What Is An Abandoned Vehicle?

Before doing anything rashly, you need to be certain if a vehicle left on your property can be considered abandoned by authorities. According to Brisbane City Council (BCC), a car can be deemed abandoned if it has been on your property for at least 48 hours without permission.

Abandoned vehicles include but are not limited to cars, 4WD, trucks, RVs, fleets, and motorbikes. Once you check what type of vehicle it is, check with the BCC website if you need to meet any additional requirements to avoid any legal complications.

After ensuring that your hunch is correct, immediate action is critical. The following steps will guide you in properly dealing with an abandoned vehicle.

Contact The City Council And Make A Report

It’s universally acceptable to have an immediate approach of tapping legal authorities about abandoned vehicles. You and your family’s safety matters. More so if the car is sketchy and was randomly put on your property out of nowhere.

You can access BCC’s phone number at 07 3403 8888 or on their website. In the report, you can provide relevant information like:

  • The address the vehicle is parked in front of
  • The make, model, and hue of the vehicle
  • The VIN and license plate number

Please note that what they can do is only to help you access relevant information from those you provide to them initially. Police enforcement and the city council cannot deal with abandoned vehicles not placed on public properties.

Make A Personal Investigation About The Dumped Car

As the landowner, you have to deal with the vehicle independently. From investigation to towing the car, it’s all yours unless you’re able to determine who the owner is immediately.

Nonetheless, you don’t need to agonize because you have government posts as a resource in your quest to determine how to handle the problem.

Offices that provide legal information are:

  • Department of Transport and Main RoadsQueensland Government Agent Program Office
  • Magistrates’ Court
  • Local Police Station
  • Insurance Company (with which the car is registered)

Dispose Of The Car Safely And Diligently

After sapping all possible options to determine the owner of the abandoned car, it’s already high time to dispose of it. Not just because they are a nuisance to your eyes, but also because they may pose a safety threat. Please note that you must ensure that you are doing it with due diligence upon car disposal. It means that you have conducted a thorough probe to ascertain the validity or facts of a matter under deliberation.

You can take measures to have the vehicle yanked from your parcel, but you need to obey a stringent protocol to safeguard yourself concerning the law.

The city council usually recommends different towing operators that you can rely on.

Towing operators are following but not limited to:

Dealing with abandoned vehicles is pretty straightforward if you’re looking at the three-process cycle. But, be that as it may, in those procedures of handling abandoned cars, there are many intricacies that you have to understand correctly.

If you have remaining questions to ask, below are the FAQs by most landowners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my best option in disposing of the abandoned car?

During your investigation and the whole course of action you have taken for the car, it is undoubted that you have spent a particular amount of money. Not finding the rightful owner would mean those expenses are absorbed solely by your pocket. Thus, if you expect any retribution, go for compensation for towing services.

For example, cash for cars or scrap metal companies offers a significant payment for abandoned vehicles.

You don’t need to worry about litigation. As long as you’ve done investigating with due diligence, you’ve earned the right to get any residual value enveloped in the abandoned car.

What happens when you successfully track down the vehicle owner?

Suppose you have a working understanding of quasi-contracts. In that case, the law obligates the vehicle owner to pay any damages or expenses you’ve incurred while finding the owner.

Courts create quasi-contracts to safeguard the unfair enrichment of the parties in bickering over the payment of services both directly and indirectly.

It is perfectly valid to demand retribution as part of your efforts. Any refusal from the other end would mean litigation in your favor.

Remember, you’ve reported the incident to the authorities. Thus, there is no reason why you cannot win the dispute.

Is there any health threat that may arise from the abandoned car?

Aside from the possibility of criminal activity incorporated into the vehicle, hazardous waste can also spill out of abandoned cars.

Abandoned cars may cause:

  • Chemicals seep into the ground (motor oil leaks, transmission brake fluid leaks)
  • Contamination of groundwater
  • Rotten tires kill plants and tree roots
  • Gas leaks that ignite fire or explosions, and more

These threats are dangerous to you, your kids, and your pets. Thus, immediate action is needed. Let professionals handle the disposal since they usually handle things concerning hazardous elements.