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How to Get Top Cash for A Road Unworthy Car in Brisbane

If you want to sell a road unworthy car in Brisbane using the traditional approaches, then you should be prepared for a long wait with no guarantees of getting good offers for the car. However, it is possible to sell just any kind of car for top dollars and without going through the hassles associated with selling such cars to dealerships or secondhand buyers.

Top Cash 4 Cars, Brisbane, helps with how you can get the very best rates for your car, irrespective of its current condition:

Sell to a cash for cars company in Brisbane

Your options for selling a road unworthy car in Brisbane are quite limited. You can decide to sell it to a scrap metal company or to a Car Removal Company. With the former, the rates are normally low since the valuation will be based on the weight of the car and you may also have to pay for towing charges which will make you get less cash at the end. But with the latter, the rates are slightly attractive and you don’t have to worry about paying for towing since they offer free removals.

Consider selling to removal companies near your location

Cash for cars companies are strewn all over Brisbane, but if you want the very best rates, then you will be better of selling to a car removal company near your current location or the location of the car you need to be removed. The simple reason for this is that though the companies will not be charging you for the towing, it is an expense on their part and the closer you are to them, the least they will spend on towing and the rest will be reflected on the offer you are given.

Dispose of the car as soon as possible

Once you realise that you have a road unworthy car and you have no intention of repairing it and taking it back on the road, you should sell it immediately. One of the factors considered by the Cash for Cars companies when appraising your car is its age, and the longer you wait, the more value it will lose, thus coming in the way of you getting top dollars.

Consider selling the car in parts

If possible, you should consider selling the car in parts as opposed to selling it as a whole. But for this to be successful, you should have basic knowledge about car mechanics and also have the right tools and skills to tear apart the car.

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