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Old Cars Do Have Cash Value In Brisbane

You may think that old car sitting in your driveway going nowhere has no value. Think again. It has value! Top Cash 4 Cars provides the following information for a better understanding.

Is Your Car Not running? Don’t pay For Towing In Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast

With Top Cash 4 Cars you don’t have to pay to have your old sedan, Ute, Jeep, luxury, 4×4, etc. towed to the Wrecking Yard in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast. We come to you to remove the immobile car ourselves and don’t charge a towing fee. With us, you have an instant buyer, and your car picked up on the same day.

With us, that old, stationary hunk of metal is no burden. And, there is no cost for its disposal. You get a good deal all the way around. A transaction that only takes some time out of your busy schedule, and one that leaves you counting likely a couple of hundred dollars or more. If there is no value under the hood, you’ll get value from its weight in steel, and scrap metal recycling.

How to Get Cash Value for Your Old Cars

• 1. Contact us with the make, model, year, and condition of your car. We will need a complete description including the odometer reading, any issues the car had when running, modifications, dents, and dings, etc. The more thorough you are, the more accurate we can be with a price.
• 2. Accept or reject our quote.
• 3. Accept, and we’ll schedule a Free Car Removal. Our removal service is always free to Brisbane sellers, and one that is provided around the clock.
• 4. Get instant dollars along with necessary documents completed by us.
Selling to us is that simple. When we arrive, have the title of the property or its scrap certificate ready, a photo ID, and our driver will have all other necessary paperwork to get the car sold quickly!

We offer sellers more than one reason to choose us:

• Instant cash payments for cars today – we pay on the spot!
Free Car removals in Brisbane – any day of the year!
• Free Wrecking & Recycling – get the most value with our wrecking & recycling!
• We provide the paperwork!
No hassles. Just free towing and cash in your hand. Get a quote today by calling us or filling out our “Get a Quote” form on our web page.
Get top cash value from your old car. CALL 0412 330 221