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Don’t pay to have it hauled to the wrecking yard. Call Top Cash 4 Cars and get rid of your old truck today and get it done for free!

Top Cash 4 Cars are Brisbane’s number 1 truck wrecker, offering free truck removals that leave cash in your pocket. We don’t care about the make, model, year or condition, we accept trucks of all sizes, makes, models, age and condition! This is why we have become Brisbane’s Truck Wrecker; that, and we put up to $9999 in your pocket for your Truck Removal. When you want to clear your yard of your used, scrap, accident, rusted, broken, etc. truck, then give us a call. Get instant cash for unwanted trucks.

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FREE Truck Removals

Have a scrap truck you want removed? What about a used truck that’s in pretty good shape, you just don’t have the time or money to sell it? Either way, just give us a call at the number above and we will come to you and remove your truck for free. We work around the clock, every day of the year, so any time is a fine time at Top Cash 4 Cars. Let us know where and when, and we’ll be there in a hurry!

Truck Wreckers Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast

We are your number 1 truck wreckers Brisbane. With years of experience in the business and expert wreckers, we are able to offer our customers up to $9999 on their unwanted truck removal. Our Cash For Car and truck system is simple. We salvage as much of the truck as possible, making the process one that is friendly to the environment and one that leaves cash in your pocket. Our cash offer quotes are free, so give us a call.

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Ready to call Brisbane’s top leading truck wreckers. Then, give us a call today. We can be at your location as soon as this afternoon for your free truck removal that leaves cash in your pocket. In fact, up to $9999 cash in your pocket on the spot! We have three easy and convenient means to contact us, just look below.

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