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Your Car Has Been Wrecked in an Auto Accident in Brisbane. Now What?

The situation isn’t a pleasant one. Your car has been wrecked in an auto accident. Your priority is to take care of yourself if you have suffered an injury, and your second priority is to contact your insurance company to claim the car. So, what’s the next step after that? Well, that depends. Consider this from Top Cash for Cars Brisbane QLD

What to Do When Your Car Has Been Involved in An Auto Accident

Firstly, don’t do anything with the car until you receive a cheque from your insurance company. Your insurance company may contact you saying that they will remove the car; and, if you have sold the car that might make things difficult with receiving your cheque. So, wait. Once you have received the cheque from your insurance company, and your insurance company has said that they are leaving the car in your possession, then you can contact Top Cash for Cars Perth to get even more cash for your car, over and above your insurance claim. We are car buyers that buy accident cars and pay cash for the cars.

Selling Your Car to Top Cash for Cars Perth

Just because your car is in wrecked condition does not mean that you have to go to any expense having it disposed of in Brisbane. We know that your car is no longer roadworthy, just as we know that it is beyond repair. We are willing to buy the car, regardless. We are not only Scrap Car Buyers Brisbane, but we also wreck & recycle cars. With our expertise as professional Car Wreckers Brisbane, we can provide accident car owners with optimal dollars for their cars. When you sell your car to us, our dismantlers will dismantle the car, salvage any good working parts and components, and recycle what remains, so you get a top cash sale.

Selling your car to us is simple. You will need to contact us for a quote. We provide quotes over the phone (Just call the number below) and online. Just visit our homepage and fill out our online “Get a Quote” form. We also provide courtesy removals at times that are convenient, and never charge for our wreckers or recyclers. All our services are free to our customers. To obtain a Cash for Accident Car quote, contact us at the number below, and collect our cash offer amount today!

Get top cash for your accident car by calling us at 0412 330 221.