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Are You Ready To Get Top Cash Offers For Your Old Vehicle

Getting Cash offers as high as $9999 is almost a difficult task when it comes to selling old vehicles.


But that is not impossible.


We are Top Cash For Cars, and our cash offers go as high as $9999.


Hard to believe?


We are one of the best Cash for Car companies in Brisbane and we are dedicated to providing the best solutions when it comes to the sale of vehicles.


All you need to do is contact us and provide us with your vehicle details. Our crew has a lot of experience in this field and can give a top offer just from the detail you provide online.

Get Top Cash For Car In Brisbane

What types of vehicles do we buy at Top Cash For Cars?


You can understand from our name what we do.


We offer top cash offers for cars, trucks, 4×4, SUV, van, etc. whatever the make, model, brand and condition your vehicle is in, with Top Cash For Cars, you have got yourself a guaranteed vehicle buyer.


We buy vehicles regardless of their make, model, brand and condition. Even if your vehicle is unwanted, scrap, wrecked or met with an accident, you can get it sold to us.


Why do we buy old and damaged vehicles?


We are a car wrecker and auto-trader that is fully licensed and has years of experience. Our main aim in buying vehicles is for their parts. To sell a vehicle to us it doesn’t have to be in a good condition nor does it have to be in running condition. Once we buy your vehicle we take it apart and salvage all parts that can be reused and resold.


We make the sale process profitable to everyone associated with it, and that includes you as a vehicle owner. We are skilled and professional auto merchants and wreckers who know how to extract the maximum value from each vehicle we bring in. We recycle, resell, and reuse at Top Cash 4 Cars, which allow us to pay up to $9999. We even offer a free Car Removal Service in Brisbane to make the sale process easier. But that’s not the only service that we offer, if you find it difficult to get the proper contracts/documents ready in time for the sale, we are ready to bring in the contracts all ready to be signed when we come to collect your vehicle.


What are our services?


As a customer-friendly organisation, we offer many services to our customers. Our services are aimed to lessen your hassles when it comes to disposing of your old and damaged vehicles.


Some of our services are


  • Free Scrap Car Removals Without Any Hassles
  • Professional & Trained Car Wreckers
  • Car Recycling Service
  • Dispose of Car in Eco-Friendly Manner
  • Junk car removals
  • Accident car removals
  • Wrecked Car Removals
  • Scrap Car Removals


Our business is to buy, recycle, reuse, and resell cars, and we know what we’re doing because we pay up to $9999 for each automobile removal we undertake.


How to contact us?


You can choose any of the many options we have provided to contact us. It can be by giving a ring to 0412 330 221 or by emailing us at You can even choose to fill the online forms of “Get A Quote” given on the Company page of our website.


So why wait?


Call us now and get cash offers as high as $9999 for your unwanted vehicle from Top Cash For Cars.