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How Much Cash Is Your Car Concealing From You? Ask Top Cash 4 Cars

Brisbane’s most popular Cash for Car Dealer and Car Removal Company. Every year, we pay Queenslanders up to $9,999 to buy the old cars they aren’t using anymore.  Licensed Cash for Car Company based in Northgate, our business practices are fair, open and above board.

Highest Price – Guaranteed For Your Unwanted Or Scrap Car

Top Cash 4 Cars QLD is popular because it is experienced in the cash for car business. We’ve got buying and selling cars that others see no value or use for, down to a fine art.

We, quite simply, see value where others don’t unwanted cars, trucks, 4wds, utes, buses & wagons


Is there cash concealed in a car you don’t use, anymore?  Let us help you find it.  

The way we work is very simple.

  1. You call us to get a quote for a car you no longer have a use for
  1. Your car could be old, unroadworthy, irreparably damaged or on the verge of being repossessed – it doesn’t really matter to us – we will value it – making you an offer on it-  the phone itself
  1. If you agree with our valuation, we will send a man with a Tow Truck to do a Final Inspection of your vehicle at your residence – next day or same day
  1. If the Inspection goes well, and your car is in the same condition you described to us over the phone, we will pay you your cash and drive away with it with no further questions asked
  1.  It’s that simple


Quote, inspection and pick up the next day

At Top Cash for Cars Northgate, QLD,  we like to make business deaefficient for our customers. We realise that for them, time is money, so we don’t ‘dilly-dally’ once a price has been accepted.We arrange to go and pick up either the same day or the next day.


Disposal that’s as thoughtful as it is eco-friendly  

Sometimes a car has no commercial value to it at all. In these cases, we offer a FREE Tow Service to any clients who may wish to clean up their garages and get any wrecked cars they have stored in there, out of the way.


We realise these cars may have sentimental value attached to them. So we ensure we dispose of them ethically- thoughtfully.


Prior to disposing off cars, we strip the metal body off paint as if it leaches into the environment, it can destroy the billions of microbiomes that depend on it for their survival.


We regularly study best practice in recycling and read the work academic houses such as the University of Queensland publish on Australia’s unique soil and marine biolife.


Full paperwork assistance provided  

Selling a car is not an easy task. The paperwork you need to fill in for Transport Authorities can be more taxing than the task of car sale itself. We provide FREE Assistance to customers who need it to fill in the Notice of Disposal Please ask your Top Cash 4 Car Operator Operator about this service when you call in to enquire about your car sale to us.


Ready to sell your car to us- make the call you know you need to, today

Call Top Cash 4 Cars Northgate Queensland on  0412 330 221  or email us your enquiry using Alternatively, feel FREE to message us using Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.  We operate 24 X 7 X 365.


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