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A few clicks are all it takes to get a professional Car Valuation for your scrap car. Top cash 4 cars Brofferoffers quick car valuations, done by auto experts to ensure accuracy. We evaluate scrap cars online, so finding what your Scrap Car or truck is worth is super simple & easy with us. But before you start filling out our online car valuation form,

consider the following information to maximise the value of your scrap car

Don’t Let It Deteriorate

The longer you sit and let the car deteriorate, the less value you will receive for the vehicle. With scrap cars, may be rusted or broken metals, but they deteriorate rapidly, so don’t wait to get the vehicle sold. Each day it sits, it deteriorates and loses more value. Once you’ve decided to sell the car, don’t procrastinate. Get on the phone or online to get the car valuated & sold at the earliest.

Driving Condition

If the car can still make it down the road, then it has more value to the buyer. A drivable car means no towing costs for the buyer. It also means that there may be parts that can be salvaged which will bring a higher price than merely recycling its metals. So, if your used car is in drivable condition, no matter how bad it otherwise is, be sure to mention that it’s in driving condition when requesting a quote.

scrap car value calculator

Is It Salvageable?

If the car is salvageable, it has more value. The buyer may resell the car or use parts from under the hood. Let the valuation company know what works on the car, or if the entire car is in working condition.

Price Per Tonne

While you want to get more value for your scrap car than simply its weight, if all else fails, know that you should get good money for its weight in metals. Cars are typically a couple of tonnes of metals. Scrap metal prices are paid per tonne. So, if going by the weight of the car, make sure you get paid according to the current market rate for metals.

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