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How To Spot A Scam Car Removal Company?


It’s time to sell your vehicle, and cash for cars companies like Top Cash for Cars are a viable place to sell your old, unwanted, used or scrap car.

Before you choose a company to sell the vehicle to, consider the following information from Top Cash for Cars

on how to determine if the company is a scam removal company.


How to Find Out If A Cash for Cars Company Is Legitimate or Not?


  1. Do They Respond Quickly to Customer Enquiries?


One sign that a car removal company is not legitimate is that they do not respond quickly to enquiries.

They may have a site online that they access for an hour or so a day. If the company is not available during business hours or takes a few hours to respond,

it is a sign that it is not legitimate Cash for Car Removal Company.


  1. Does Their Website Offer All the Relevant Information About Their Business?


Check the provider’s website and read it thoroughly. There should be plenty of information on the services they provide,

as well as any fees for their services. A business’ website will give you a clear picture of the business and whether they are trustworthy.


  1. Is the Customer Service Representative Who Answers Your Queries Knowledgeable?


Car removal companies offer different options to get cars sold. Car sellers can contact them at their place of business, over the phone, or online.

When dealing with the staff, a legitimate company will be able to provide plenty of information on the car selling process,

as well as their services. If you do not feel that they are legitimate, then shop around for another car removal company.


  1. Are Their Claims and Promises Believable?


If the cash car buyer promises the world, then they are likely too good to be true. Cash for car companies are competitive,

and most will offer competitive prices for vehicles. But, they are a business and need to make a profit on the sale.

So, if a cash for car company offers a quote that is much higher it is likely to good to be true, which is a sign of a scam company.


  1. Will They Provide All the Paperwork?


If the car removal company fails to provide the paperwork to facilitate a legal sale, then do not sell the vehicle to the company

as it is a sign that they are not a legitimate buyer. Reputable cash for cars companies provide all the paperwork to ensure

that the sale is completed quickly and without any complications.



  1. Do They Charge Any Fees?


Most legitimate cash for car companies will not include service charges or fees for the services they provide,

such as free car removals and free paperwork. So, if a company says that you will be charged for these services, then that’s a red flag.


Car sellers that would like to get their vehicles sold can contact Top Cash for Cars for a free car valuation.

We are a legitimate car buyer that pays cash for all makes and conditions of vehicles.


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