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Who Pays Top Dollar For Scrap Cars

How much do you think your old car is worth? Do you really believe your scrap car is not worth anything? Is the quote you received for your scrap car worth the effort you have taken to sell it?
Old cars and other vehicles are really hard to sell. The demand and price are connected with the condition of your vehicle. If it’s in scrap condition, it is difficult to sell and the cash offer you get will be also low.


Let us offer a solution.


We are Top Cash For Cars, one of the best Cash for Car companies in Brisbane. We offer cash offers as high as $9999 for your old scrap car.


Now with just a phone call, you can avail of our hassle-free Scrap Car Removal services.


Selling of Scrap Car Now Made Easy


Vehicles in scrap condition are always difficult to sell. You might have a scrap car in your garage or parking lot which you wish to sell. But when you think of all the headaches like towing, appraisal, getting the documents ready for a valid sale etc., you might have just left it to rot.


We at Top Cash For Cars have simplified the process of selling old and unwanted scrap cars. Now with just a call or an email, you can sell your car and get the best price for it.


To sell your unwanted vehicle, all you have to do is contact us. You can choose to call us at 0412 330 221 or mail us the vehicle details to To simplify the hassles of selling your scrap car, we have even provided you with an option called “Get A Quote”. In this option, you can fill out the online forms given on the “Cash for Car” page of our website.

Once you have contacted us, our team will collect the necessary and basic details of your vehicle. Based on these details, our appraisers will provide you with a quote instantly.


Our offers are non-compelling and free. You have the right to choose our offer or to reject it. Once you choose to accept our offer, you can plan for a Free Car Removal.

Scrap Car Removals Brisbane


Free Car Removal Services in Brisbane


We understand that it will be difficult for you to find time to get your car removed.
Not to worry.


We offer Free Car Removal services in Brisbane. Once you choose to accept our offer, you can schedule a time, date and place from where you want your car to be removed. And we will be there on time to collect your vehicle.


We work 24/7 all around the year, so any time which suits you will be convenient for us.


Our team of experienced drivers will come to the location where your vehicle is, on time and will collect your vehicle. We make it easy, instant and hassle-free.


We even bring the paperwork, all ready to be signed to make the sale smooth and valid.


We take care of all the hassles that come with the selling of your car.


To get our vehicle sold effortlessly visit our website or call us now at 0412 330 221